Timothy May
for Nevada County Board of Education

Endorsed by Former Nevada County Superintendents of Schools
Holly Hermansen, Terry McAteer and Skip Houser
and the California Teachers Association

Re-Opening, Renovating, Staying Safe!

1. Upholding School Board Mission: Making Our County Public School System Work.

The role of the County School Board is to help support our County’s high academic standards and our safe learning environments, while providing umbrella services for our local school districts and our students. As a Board Member, I would make certain that views in our community are heard, while supporting the ultimate decisions of our County Board and our local district boards.

2. Safety: Keeping Our Students, Teachers, Staff, and the Community Safe.

In an on-going crisis such as a pandemic, county educational leaders need to be collaborative and flexible to maintain safe and engaging educational solutions. Whether a local school district has adopted distance education or in-person instruction or a combination of both, our role at the County Office of Education should be to work with our local school districts and our county agencies to lend assistance.

3. Professional Development: Supporting Our Teachers.

The County School Board should sponsor and promote a series of best practices teaching institutes or workshops on all levels to meet the immediate challenges of pandemic distance education and pandemic in-person instruction. Since last March, County teachers are individually and collectively renovating the public-school model that has been used for decades. Teachers need and deserve our support for their tireless efforts. Our long-range goal should be innovative teaching platforms that serve all of our County students for years to come.

4. Vocational Education: Meeting Our Students and Our Community’s Need for Apprenticeships

The County Education Office needs to expand its educational and workforce partnerships. A goal of doubling or tripling our vocational internships during the next four-year term is crucial. Too many students are pressured to pursue a university degree. A vocational apprenticeship will lead to a productive career for many of our students.

5. Expanded Services: Helping Our County Parents

Two priority goals of the County Office of Education that we should strongly support are working with multiple County agencies to expand child care for the families of enrolled students, and helping our local districts to bridge the digital divide, with smart devices and internet access for all of our county students.

45 years of experience as a high school and college English instructor, including faculty leadership roles, and 30 years as a Nevada County parent with children educated by our public schools have taught me that during our Pandemic crisis, all members of our educational community need to be flexible and thoughtful in arriving at solutions that are best for everyone.

I believe my role as a County Board member is to support our Superintendent of Schools and the County Board in its work with school district superintendents, administrators, teachers, parents, and students. 

I am an educator, not a politician, and I shall certainly not be promoting the interests of a special interest group or a specific ideology.


Skip Houser, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, 1990-1994.
Terry McAteer, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, 1994-2007.
Holly Hermansen, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, 2007-2017.
Wendy Baker, Trustee, Nevada County School Board. GV
Susan Clarabut, Trustee, Nevada County School Board. GV
Louise B. Johnson, Trustee, Nevada County School Board. NC
Julie Baker, Julie Baker Projects. NC
Nevada County Democrats
Peter Minett, Chair, Nevada County Democrats. NC
Walt Abbey, A&A Physical Therapy. GV
Karen Seckington, Retired R.N. NC
Joey Jordan, JJ Consulting. R&R
Robert Luke, Retired High School Coach and Special Ed Teacher. PV
Celine Negrete, Trustee, Bitney Prep High School Board. NC
Sands Hall, Writer, Educator, Musician. NC
Mimi Simmons, Century 21/Cornerstone Realty. NC
Steve and Patti Egge. R&R
Jill Sonnenburg, Teacher-Librarian, Nevada Union High School. NC
Daniel Elkin, English Teacher, LTI Coordinator, Bitney Prep High School. GV
Greg and Shawn Frederking. R&R
Bill Seckington, Retired High School Teacher and Administrator. NC
Holli Navo, Century 21/Cornerstone Realty. NC
Judi Luke, Retired R.N. PV
Amy Bouck, R.N. NC
George Smyrnos, Retired Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento. GV